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Custodian of Records: Mr. A. Marshall
 Serious inquiries into our records, record keeping system and our policies may be made through the use of our record request form, and sent to the email link below. Our contractor records are not made available for public inspection. We allow for government and potential destributors/suppliers only to view them.
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Thanks for your interest in EDENs, we appreciate your business.

Welcome to Eden's: Novelty Engineering

 Welcome to Edens. This is your one stop shop for all things provactive and sensual. We offer complete lines of all kinds of items from scented candles and music to marital aides and more. We custom design many of our products and services to your needs and desires. This is why we are novelty engineers.
 We also have our sister site. It sells all of the premade items that you could ever want to put spice back into a marriage or relationship. You can use the link below to go to our sister site:

Eden's Sister Site (Eden's Playground)

Our Products Promise

 Many companies in this field offer you a variety of products that a cheaply made, don't last very long and are just poorly designed. NOT EDENS! We only offer a few products, and we focus on their design and manufacture. Each one of our items is well designed and built to last through all kinds of use (both rigorous and light).
 This is the promise that we make to all of our clients:
We promise that all of our products are 100% effective and work 100% of the time, everytime. All of our products are designed and tested to be used. We check each and every one of our products for the following:

  • Quality Manufacture
  • Reproduction Accuracy1
  • Throughly Tested with Excellent Results2

1 Reproduction Accuracy is how accurate is the manufacture to the original design of the product that is being created.
2 Our testing process involves the creation of a prototype of the design and having our testers use it, and fill out a report with over 100 factors and ratings, before a design is even placed on this site, or in our catalogs.

Our Services Promise

 Like our products our design services are no different. We believe strongly in giving our clients exactly what they want to the best of our abilities. Our novelty engineers are well versed in all sorts of manufacture and design. Some draft the blueprints for the design, others do mold making, others are versed in robotics and animatronics. We span the gambit of design and engineering.
 This is our services promise to you, our clients:
We promise that we will deliver to you, the very best product, based onn your own design/idea, or based on your selection of our service models. We test each and every prototype service model, before it is even added to this site or our catalogs. We check for the following:

  • Quality Manufacture
  • Meets the requests of the client1
  • Performs as it was designed to do2

1 Our clients can select all of the necessary features for a specific service model. We are always checking and rechecking to make sure we have created exactly what the clients wants and how they want it to be.
2 Our service model prototypes are rigorously tested. Each feature is tested and tested again for any imperfections in it. Our testers fill out a report that has over 100 ratings and questions to help fine tune the design of that service model. We also ask our clients to do the same thing once they have recieved their purchase. The report is a bit smaller for them.