The Good Companion Design Service Model

 This is the service model for The Good Companion/TGC product. Unlike the variants this is a fully customizeable product. You have the ability through the use of our design form to create your ideal companion.
 This ability starts with a simple task as gender. Then you can customize the face, body, hair, make up(female), height, weight everything. You can even set a backstory for your companion. All of this power comes with the base model.
 Now the fun begins. All of the add-ons that are available to real add a level of sophsticated customization to your companion. We have packages for animatronic life mimicing, the LDR System compatibility, and so much more. Our personal favorite is the sensi-skin add-on. It tells your companion where your hand, mouth, or something else is and has her react accordingly. This adds an entire layer of realism that none have ever seen.
 Take a look at our TGC Design Service page for all of the details and pricing.

The Good Companion Design Service

Your Last Night Bachelor Party Service

 This is one of our specialty services. We throw your bachelor party, do all of the planning and orchestration of your final hurrah! We have all kinds of options for this service model. You are entitled to that last party, before the big day.
 You have fun, we do all the work. Our friendly party staff sets up everything. We get the venue, activities, food and drink, especially the entertainment:). You can choose from our multiple options on the service page. We even have dancers and such on call for you to select from.
 Take a look at all the options that we have avaiable, and coming soon on this service's page.

Your Last Night Bachelor Party Service

The Bachelor Cave Furnishings Design Service

 This is another of our unique services. You want that man cave, but have no idea how to go about creating it. Leave that to us. We will design the room, from wall decorations to furniture. Our home theater design service (provided by Tommy's Customs) is sure to give that level of entertainment functionality that you want. Also our furniture designs are besed on what you want them to be, and designed to fit the decor of the room.
 We have a collection of novelty home furnishings that you use to decorate your man cave yourself, if you so desire. If not, well, that's where we come in. We get the measurements for the room from you as well as a few photos, and begin the design process from there. We also send the floorplans and layout to you for approval.
 We work very closely with you, the client, to make that room your special place. A sanctuary from the hum drum existence of day to day life. A place of fun and excitement, yet still a place you and your friends can watch the monday night football game, kick back and have a few beers.
 Take a look at some of the options that we have available and coming soon. Download our estimate form, and send it back. Within a few days (usually 3 to 5) we'll get back to you with a layout and plan.

Download Our Estimate Form  |   The Bachelor Cave Furnishings Design Service Page   |   The Bachelor Cave Project Gallery