Glowing Dark Skulls

The ultimate halloween decoration. A 3D wooden skull, made of durable pine and painted in the color(s) that you wish. Can be lit(optional), have speakers put inisde (optional), or have a unique background (i.e. spiderweb (optional)). Why not make a decoration for your windows this october. With a reasonable price for the base and low prices for the add-ons you can have it your way without scaring your wallet.

These skulls come in 3 sizes and have a variety of extras that you can add to your purchase.
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addOn 16-9494-23A Audio Effects
This is a rather special add-on to our skulls. It involves the mounting and wiring of a small speaker that is placed in the mouth area of the skull. A headphone or RCA plug is attached to the speaker wiring for quick connection to your stereo. It can also be wired for vehicle audio systems.
+ $19.99
addOn 16-5564-23A Background Lighting
This is what makes these the ultimate halloween decoration. By adding a battery powered set of lights to the inside of the skull you get an erie glow that adds to its overall effect.
+ $3.99
addOn 16-8845-23A Custom Backdrop
This is a truely awesome feature!!! You can add whatever kind of background you want behind your skull. This allows you to express your creativity in the creation of your custom decoration.
+ $19.99
addOn 16-2258-23A Spiderweb Backdrop
This is a simple web that is placed on the back of the skull. It gives it the effect that is perfect for a halloween decoration, or that goth person that you know. Combine that with the audio and lighting add-ons and you get the ultimate decoration.
+ $9.99