Welcome to our workshop, I'm Krazy Tommy, and this is Tommy's Customs. Here we create all of those unique pieces that you just can't seem to find at your local Walmart™. You may find that piece, but it's cheaply built and mass produced.

Not here!!

Everything we have created or design/create for you is sturdily constructed, with a solid framework and no cheap materials are used.
We want the pieces that we create to last a lifetime and then some. We want the pieces that we create for you to become a family heirloom. That is why we create our pieces with such sturdy construction methods and designs.
Take a look at our gallery (top) to see some of our creations in the making, as well as some of the products that we have built for others. You'll be impressed.
You can also use the menu on the left to view some of our specific products and services that we provide.

All of our larger furniture pieces come with a estimate. Our estimates are very detailed. We do NOT believe in hidden fees. We show you all of the costs up front, nothing is hidden from you, or a surprise charge.
An Example Estimate
We even give you a few days to decide, before we contact you back to find out your decision. It may not even take that long. Our pieces/designs are high quality without the high prices. The decision is easy, we make it that way.