An August LLC / Krazy Tommys Company

Why the Circuit Board?

Selection is the first thing that comes to mind. We offer a variety of electronics in various categories. Price is the next piece of the puzzle. We offer hundreds of products at well below market value and lower than some Bargain Outlets do..

About the Circuit Board

We are a group of electronic enthusiasts and technicians that are tired of paying high prices for our electronics. We repair our own PCs and Laptops, upgrade them all ourselves. We do anything and everything to save as much as possible.
We want to pass on that savings to you. This is why "The Curcuit Board" was created in the first place. To offer you high end electronics and services at bargain outlet prices.

The Circuit Board Guarantee

We stand behind everyone of our products. They are all guaranteed to work 100% of the time everytime. We test each and every product before it goes on one of our shelves or on this website. We do NOT sell defective merchandise.

How to purchase from the Circuit Board?

Our site is very easy to use. You can purchase multiple ways.
1. Mail in orderform »»Mail In Orderform
2. Email in orderform »»Email In Ordeform
3. Fax in your order to (###) ### - ####
4. Phone in your order to (302) 382 - 6300
5. Purchase using this site »» We use payPal for credit/debit card processing

It's that simple to order from us. We also offer site to store services. Also a confirmation will be sent to you via email, phone, or fax when your order is processed. We also alert you when your order is in, and ready for pick up when using site to store.

Terms of Service

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges
We do accept returns and echanges. Refunds are given in store credit. Only in cases of severe defect in either manufacture or shipping will we give you a cash/credit refund less the price of shipping that item.

Out of Stock or Discontinued Items
During those rare times when an item is either out of stock or has been discontinued by our suppliers, we'll let you know. A discontinued item will allow us to give you a refund option or you can change your item for one of equal value. Usually with out of stock items we give you a few options:
1. To wait for that item
2. To change your order to an item of equal value
3. To cancel your order with the option of reordering later. *
*: We will alert you when that item becomes avaialble again.

Order Processing
We process orders using the following order of priority:
1. Credit/Debit Card
2. Personal Checks **
**: Personal Checks take up to 14 days to clear. We will NOT process that order until the money clears the bank. There is a $35.00 returned check fee and your name will also be added to our list of not accepted checks.
All of our orders, once processed, that customer will be alerted and provided with an order number so that they can contact us to check the status of their order. We also provide a customer ID number/card that can act as a gift card, and rewards card for purchasing from us.

Privacy Policy
Our customer data is 95% secure. We aren't going to lie, no system is 100% secure. We store all of our customer data offline, on a system with no internet connection. All data is manually entered into our client system. Only certain information is kept online, the remainder is stored on our offline system.

Payment information is stored on this system as well. This is for those that prefer to mail in their order, fax it, or email it in to us. Credit card information is secured by our credit card processor. This information is used to speed of the payment and ordering process. All you have to do on an orderform is to enter your customer ID # and check a couple of boxes. We'll use the information that we have on file for you, and process your order using that information.