Welcome to August Grocery

August Grocery is your corner market...right around the corner. A local market with local goods, and familiar items, all at below retail prices. Food should not be as expensive as most companies have made it to be. This is why we sell at our low price.

How our Online Grocery Store Works

We do NOT ship groceries. This is a site to store website, department of
August LLC/Krazy Tommy's. We do have an online shop that you can purchase your grocery items, and have them ready for you to pick up at a location near you. Similar to many of the delivery resturants do where you order online, pay, and then your order is delivered or prepared for carry-out.

The ordering process is quite simple. Just follow these few steps:
1. Use the section below to find your nearest location.
   This is also on the checkout section.
2. Find the items you want or need, add to cart
3. Complete your order and pay for it
4. We do the rest, leting you know by call, text or email that your order is ready

Find the Nearest August Grocery Location

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Who is/are August Grocery

 We are a family owned and run grocery shop. Our extended family got tired of paying super high prices for groceries. It was from this that August Grocery was born.
 Now we pass those savings onto you. Here you're not just customers you're family. Our "Mom&Pop" style shops present to you a family feel, that cannot be matched by any of the larger retailers.
 Come in and see the August Grocery difference! We even challenge you to go to any other local shop and find a lower price. Trust us, you won't!