About August,. LLC

August, LLC is your ultimate source for discounted merchandise of all kinds. We have everything you could imagine all in one convenient location.

High quality products, discounted prices, August, LLC will give you a new way to shop for anything and everything. We have such a variety of products and services that if we don't have it, you don't need it.

Why Choose August, LLC ?

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    Who is August, LLC?

    August, LLC is a fmaily oriented business. Everyone that works for August is family in some way shape or form. We strive to make our site and stores have a simple, easy to navigate design. Similar in style to a Mom & Pop local store. We do NOT want to be a big chain style corporation, so cold and impersonal. In fact we are the opposite. We may give our customers a number, yet we still know who you are. With us, you're not just a customer, you're family.

    The owner, Thomas, is a retired Marine and runs his business with the precision of a soldier. He has stream-lined everything applying his motto of: "Work smarter, not harder." He believes that all customers should be treated like family, and has arranged his business(es) to reflect this belief.

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    What Separates August, LLC from the Others?

    While many companies are spewing out hundreds of pages in waste per day, we are a green company. We do much of our paperwork electronically. This reduces our carbon footprint as well as the amount of waste. This also makes all of our paperwork accessible to every store under the August, LLC banner.

    With many of our documents placed under Google™ Drive, they can be accessed from all stores and other parts of the company anytime. This reduces the expense of printing documents and then entering them into our systems. Thus reducing waste once again, and reducing errors in the documents themselves.

    Sure we use a point of sale system, just like other businesses. Ours is different. We designed our own and are using that to stream line our day to day operations. Soon this same system will be available to the business system market. Along with the same documents that we use, customized for the business that is going to be using them.

    We are not about the Ol' Mighty Dollar, like many companies. So concerned with their bottom line that they have forgotten about the most important part of business, you, our customers. That's why we sell our products for so little. We are often asked how we stay in business. It is this very fact that keeps the doors open. We only want to be living comfortably, not rich. Other companies can worry about become wealthy, we'll be comfortably happy. Life is better that way.

    What separates us: originality!! Anyone can use systems and forms that are already available.

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    The August, LLC Guarantee

    We guarantee everyone of our products. We test and retest each product before it touches one of our shelves or is put online. We want you to be satisfied with the quality, design and much more. We do this to limit the amount of returns. With us it's NOT about the money. We want you to be a happy customer.

    This is why all of our jewelry is high quality. Our electronics are 100% functional and work each time, every time.

Hours of Operation

  • Main Office Hours

    Our site is open 24/7 for you. The office is open 7 days a week, year round with the exception of a few holidays:

    SUNDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    MONDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    TUESDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    WEDNESDAY   9:00AM 5:00PM
    THURSDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    FRIDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    SATURDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM

Contacting Our Office(s)

  • We enjoy hearing from our customers and Exchange colleagues. Here's how you can do that:

    By Regular Mail

    Please write to us at:

    Krazy Tommy's
    c/o Thomas August
    100 S. Church St. PO Box 44
    Sudlersville, MD 21668

    By Phone

    You can reach us by phone, during normal office hours by calling:

    (302) 382 - 6300

    By E-Mail

    You can reach one of our departments by using one of the emails listed below:

    Comments & More     EMail Link
    Exchange Submissions     EMail Link
    Customer Services     EMail Link
    Order Services     EMail Link
    Place An Order     EMail Link
    Owner Direct     EMail Link