August, LLC Products & Services

August, LLC is your ultimate source for discounted merchandise of all kinds. We have everything you could imagine all in one convenient location.

High quality products, discounted prices, August, LLC will give you a new way to shop for anything and everything. We have such a variety of products and services that if we don't have it, you don't need it.

Our Shops & Services

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    Simple Elegance : A Touch of Class

    Your one stop for all things gemstone and precious metal. Simple Elegance has all kinds of jewelry that covers from head to toe (literally). We have earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, anklets, bracelets and so much more.
    Where else would you find a gold braclet that retails at $50 for $24.99 and still have the same quality. Same products you can buy at the high priced shops with a lower price. That's Simple Elegance.

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    The Circuit Board: Boot Up

    Looking for a camera, SD Chip or other piece of electronics to round out that Home Theater? We have it from computer accessories to speakers all at a price that won't crack your motherboard.

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    The Sweet Tooth Bakery: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

    Do you have a craving for a brownie, or some fudge? Perhaps you would like a hot cup of coffee to go with a Chicken Caesar Wrap. Look no further than the Sweet Tooth Bakery. We offer low price baked good and cold foods.

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    Tommy's Customs: Unique Designs for Unique Times

    Have a blank spot in your living room? Not sure what to put there? Do you want a unique conversation piece to set on your coffee table, or perhaps it is the coffee table? Well look no further than Tommy's Customs. We can make just about anything out of just about anything.

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    Tom's Clothing Corner: Something Old, Something New

    We have just about everything clothing here. Looking for a high quality handbag, but don't want to pay a high price. Shop here!! We have a Coach purse for $40 that normally costs 100s, and many other deals that are just amazing.

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    August Grocery: Your local corner market,
    just around the corner

    Looking for that bargain on soup, but don't want to travel to far. Look no further than August Grocery. We have all kinds of food products at Bargain Outlet prices. Stop in and do your shopping. Order your groceries online and pick them up.

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    Xtreme: Paint & Air

    Looking for that unique piece of gear to spice up your next game? We have it! Wanting to resupply your team for the next Big Game Tournament? We have it! We carry a lot of things for paintball, Airsoft and Military gear for that next game. Take a look at some of our products and blow away the competition. Don't just seize the day...WIN IT!!

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    Utopia Studios - Multimedia Services

    Looking for that new game to play? Have an idea for an app? Utopia Studios is the right place to be. A full multimedia company that produces, writes, and develops various multimedia products, at a reasonable price. Need a website created? We can help you with that, as well as upgrade your systems and software. We also create custom software and components for all your project needs. In fact the site you are on right now, and all of the mini shops were designed and developed by Utopia Studios.

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    Emergency Logistics: Tactical Supply

    We at August LLC/Krazy Tommys wish to thank all of those that are putting their lives, and have put their lives on the line, everyday. Police, Fire, Medics, Military; all of you that give so much and have given all. Thank you for your service!! This is why we have added Emergency Logistics to the August LLC/Krazy Tommys group of shops and services.

    E.L. provides tactical supplies and gear to those that need it, all at discount prices. We also offer a discount in store for all police, fire, military and medic that comes in with their uniform on, and present their ID.

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    August Wholesale

    August Wholesale is one of the most well stocked bulk centers around. Unlike many similar companies we do NOT charge a membership fee to buy from us. We also offer a variety of methods to work with us:
    + Partnership
    + Owners of their own

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    Edens: Novelty & Animatronic Engineering

    We have that unique decoration for your next party. Spice up the boredom with some of our health products. Play that practical joke on your friends with some of our gag gifts.
    Need an animatronic piece for your short film, we'll create it. Perhaps you need one for that Haunted House effect for Halloween. We have those too. Take a look at some of our prices, and be shocked at how low they are.

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Hours of Operation

  • Main Office Hours

    Our site is open 24/7 for you. The office is open 7 days a week, year round with the exception of a few holidays:

    SUNDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    MONDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    TUESDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    WEDNESDAY   9:00AM 5:00PM
    THURSDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    FRIDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    SATURDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM

Contacting Our Office(s)

  • We enjoy hearing from our customers and Exchange colleagues. Here's how you can do that:

    By Regular Mail

    Please write to us at:

    Krazy Tommy's
    c/o Thomas August
    100 S. Church St. PO Box 44
    Sudlersville, MD 21668

    By Phone

    You can reach us by phone, during normal office hours by calling:

    (302) 382 - 6300

    By E-Mail

    You can reach one of our departments by using one of the emails listed below:

    Comments & More     EMail Link
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    Owner Direct     EMail Link

Accepted Payment Methods

  • We do accept many of the major credit/debit cards and money orders. For our local shops and mobile stores we do accept cash as well as credit and debit.