August,. LLC Terms of Service

August, LLC is your ultimate source for discounted merchandise of all kinds. We have everything you could imagine all in one convenient location. With August, LLC we want you to know exactly how we run things. All of our policies are posted here as they are written in our employee handbook and our policy book. This is how we do business and will continue to do business in this manner.

August, LLC Company Policies

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    Returns, Refunds, & Exchanges

    We do except returns for products for many reasons. The main one is defective product. A return does require a store receipt (if bought in one of our shops), or a complaint form with a copy of the invoice/receipt attached. This can be done via regular mail or email.

    Refunds are one option for returns. This is done based on the returns policy above. It also has the same requirements. The product must be defective and can be proven defective through the use of our complaint form. If this can be proven then a refund option will be offered provided you have either a store receipt or the invoice/receipt attached to/with the complaint form.

    Exchanges are the other option for returns. We will exchange a product that is defective or incorrect for either the same item or a combination of items of equal value. We do NOT offer store/site credit for exchanges. These must also be accompanied by the complaint form and either a store receipt or site invoice/receipt.

    Items you wish to return, refund, or exchange must have the complaint form (which can be found below), a store receipt or an site invoice/receipt attached to the form. We will not pay return shipping on the item(s) you wish to return. We do include a return address label for an item return.

    Item Complaint Form

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    Order Services: Complaints

    Many things can happen during the ordering process. These are just the usual and most common ones.
    Shipping Delays
    A shipping delay is a very rare happening. This is usually because of a discontinued item or an out of stock item. This does happen, every business has had this issue at one point or another. In this instance you have a choice of waiting for that item and we'll rush it to you as soon as it comes in, or we can send you a similar item of the same value.
    Back Ordered Items
    Usually a back ordered item is the result of an item being out of stock. This does happen. It can also cause a shipping delay. We do our best do inform our customers of back ordered items. This is reflected on the site with a "Back Ordered" indicator in place of a price for that item. Chances are we are going to be getting more of those items in.
    Out of Stock Items
    This is an issue that many customers dislike. We as a business do NOT like having items out of stock. Usually this is caused by an underestimation of demand for a particular item. Once we find out that we have run out of that item we reorder it within 12 - 24 hours of noticing the over sight.
    Discontinued Items
    We do our best to keep the stores and sites up to date on products and services. It does rarely happen where an item has been discontinued, but it is not reflected on the site or in store. If this happens we will correct the problem immediately and either offer you the choice of a similar item for the same value, or offer you a store/site credit.
    Nobody likes complaints. It's not the fact of complaining, but all in how you handle it. We listen to every complaint, every question, and read every email. When one of our customers complains we hear you and respond as quickly as we can. We want you to continue choosing us for your shopping needs.

    Downloadable Complaint Form

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    Privacy Policy

    We value our privacy as well as yours. All information dealing with customers is NOT placed online. It is stored on our private netwrok server, that is NOT connected to the internet. As a registered member of August LLC as either a colleague of the Exchange or a paying customer, your financial info is hidden offline, while we generate you a customer ID and password for the members area. The members area is for The Exchange only.

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    Order Services: Alternate Order Methods

    We understand that many persons may not own a credit card. Some use the prepaid debit cards. Others don't trust the security online. We ourselves have experienced this kind of information loss. This is why we created these alternate methods of ordering, just for those reasons.Orders must use either our online shopping cart, or one of these forms in order to be processed.

    Mail-In Ordering:
    We have created a form that you can download from here, and all of the other sections of the site. This form has encryption built into it. It's a basic order form where you can use this site like a catalog, or send in a catalog request and use that. Your information is entered into the form, once you sign that form it locks it, then encrypts it. All you have to do is print it, then mail it in. Once we get it, we'll begin processing it. A confirmation email will be sent to the email on the form letting you know that we have recieved it.
    Email In Ordering:
    Using the same style of form we created one that can be filled out signed and then emailed to us using the submit form button located on the bottom of the form. Once complete you can email to us and we'll begin processing your order. A confirmation email will be sent to the email on the form letting you know that we have recieved it.

    Mail In Form |  Email Form
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    Shipping Methods/Options

    Shipping and postage currently is based on a flat fee that is calculated by type of items in your order. This is usually $3 - $5 depending on the item. As we grow, we'll change over to a weight based system, similar to what the postal service uses.
    We do offer Site to store as an option for shipping. This means that you can opt for your web site order to be sent directly to our store for pick up. This is a selection for shipping when you go to pay for your items on the site. This is available for all items.
    We do NOT ship grocery items, this is a site to store only collection of items.

Hours of Operation

  • Main Office Hours

    Our site is open 24/7 for you. The office is open 7 days a week, year round with the exception of a few holidays:

    SUNDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    MONDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    TUESDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    WEDNESDAY   9:00AM 5:00PM
    THURSDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    FRIDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM
    SATURDAY   9:00AM 7:00PM

Contacting Our Office(s)

  • We enjoy hearing from our customers and Exchange colleagues. Here's how you can do that:

    By Regular Mail

    Please write to us at:

    Krazy Tommy's
    c/o Thomas August
    100 S. Church St. PO Box 44
    Sudlersville, MD 21668

    By Phone

    You can reach us by phone, during normal office hours by calling:

    (302) 382 - 6300

    By E-Mail

    You can reach one of our departments by using one of the emails listed below:

    Comments & More     EMail Link
    Exchange Submissions     EMail Link
    Customer Services     EMail Link
    Order Services     EMail Link
    Place An Order     EMail Link
    Owner Direct     EMail Link

Accepted Payment Methods

  • We do accept many of the major credit/debit cards and money orders. For our local shops and mobile stores we do accept cash as well as credit and debit.